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For hospitals

At Holalemania, we look for professional workers from Italy, Spain and Portugal, with a strong focus on effective, productive and long-term mediation.
To this end, we are 100% committed to personally taking care of your new colleagues and employees and assisting them with the relocation, integration into your business and all the bureaucratic and non-bureaucratic practices involved in taking this kind of step.
We also prepare your colleagues to take the best possible approach to the situation and to play an active and productive part in your business from their very first steps in this stimulating process.

The intermediation process

The intermediation process for new employees is divided into five phases, from the first contact with us to full integration into your business:

  • Submission and acceptance of the application;
  • Contact with potential employers;
  • Drawing up the employment contract;
  • Verification of the worker’s knowledge of German and language course, if required;
  • Start of employment.

We would be happy to give you a more comprehensive and detailed presentation of the intermediation process in a face-to face interview so that we can advise you on the solution that best meets your needs.
If you are looking for individual employees, we also have a substantial network of people who have relocated to Germany independently and who therefore already have work experience there and can speak German comfortably, and who would like to work in a hospital.
We would also like to emphasise that this network does not consist of people previously intermediated by our company.
Do not hesitate to contact us; we already have the right person for you!

Integration of new employees

The most important thing for us when recruiting professionals from abroad is for them to integrate effectively into your team. Just by integrating well into the country, city and business, your new employees can become a long-term asset to your organisation.
This all rests on two important pillars:
The first pillar of integration is learning German as quickly and as well as possible. An intensive course lasting five months in the country of origin and a nursing vocabulary component after the achievement of B1 level is the starting point and basis of the process.
The second pillar consists of providing comprehensive assistance during the first year’s stay in Germany. This does not mean offering a simple relocation service and taking all the work off their hands; on the contrary, it means assisting and guiding them so that they can become independent as quickly as possible. This is why we prefer to define ourselves as “integration coaches”.
Good integration depends not just on the new arrivals but also on the welcome that the existing team give to those arriving from another country. To this end, we prepare every department for the arrival of new colleagues so that they have a better understanding of the conditions facing the new arrivals.
In addition, we are always available for linguistic mediation in general, but also to resolve any problems that may arise in the department.

Our additional services

  • Organisation and assistance during the language course in the country of origin;
  • Preparing and organising acquaintanceship interviews/coaching days;
  • Support and preparation for the relocation;
  • Completion of administrative practices for the approval of the employee’s professional qualification in collaboration with the competent authorities;
  • Support with everything concerning integration;
  • Preparing your team to receive the new colleagues from abroad.

If you would like more details about our services, you can make an appointment with us.

Other important information:

All the candidates take an intensive language course in the country of origin before relocating to Germany.

The course is usually complete once the candidate has achieved B2 level in German, in order to obtain recognition of the candidate’s qualification and to be able to start work immediately on arrival in Germany. Work can be started earlier, for example after achieving B1 level, upon agreement between the parties involved.