The first midwife to join the team is 24-year-old Gilia Chiara Gheli (see photo), who started work at the Bremen North Hospital in May. While midwives are desperately needed in Germany, the situation in Italy is different: The birth rate is falling and many midwives cannot find work. As Gesundheit Nord also has an urgent need for midwives, the clinic group had already contacted a personnel agency some time ago, which places midwives from abroad.

This is how the contact to Gilia Chiara Gheli and her colleagues Ilaria Cortone, 29 years old, and Laura Cargnello, 33 years old, was established.

Due to the Corona pandemic, however, the first days in Germany for Gilia Gheli looked completely different than planned: To be on the safe side, she was quarantined for 14 days. No easy start for the young woman. In the meantime she has arrived at the Klinikum Bremen-Nord – and is enthusiastic about her new workplace. “Everything here is very modern, the medical technology is state-of-the-art. And the midwives are much closer to the women than in Italy,” are her first impressions. Ilaria Cortone and Laura Cargnello have also already arrived in Germany. Then Ilaria Cortone started at the Klinikum Bremen-Nord, while Laura Cargnello strengthens the midwife team at the Klinikum Links der Weser.

A detailed text about Gilia Chiara Gheli and her two colleagues can be read in July in the new issue of the GeNoMagazine.

  • On 28 July 2020