Two mothers in Hildesheim

On a warm autumn afternoon, when the dry leaves fall from the trees and are kissed by sweet warmth, two new Italian midwives, Carolina and Benedetta, have landed at Hamburg airport...

Testimony of Giulia

Giulia works in intensive care in one of Hamburg's largest hospitals. In this video she explains how easy it was to integrate in the beautiful Hanseatic city, also thanks to the help of Holalemania.

Testimonial of Francesco

Francesco is a young nurse from Italy, who lives and works in Lüneburg. In this video he tells about his experience with Holalemania and how it was for him to learn German as a foreign language without any previous knowledge.

Yes, We Can,…#3 Jessica

Jessica is our third Italian nurse who courageously decided to make her dream come true when everything was at a standstill in Italy because of the corona virus.

Yes, We Can,…#2 Gilia

Gilia is the second of our group of nurses and midwives to arrive in Germany within the Corona Crisis. She was tired of waiting in Italy until the whole world had returned to normal.

Yes, we can…#1

Debora took the B2 exam in Civitanova Marche at the beginning of March. It was just before the shutdown in Italy.