Two mothers in Hildesheim

On a warm autumn afternoon, when the dry leaves fall from the trees and are kissed by sweet warmth, two new Italian midwives, Carolina and Benedetta, have landed at Hamburg airport. They were accompanied by their mothers, Francesca and Italia, together with myriads of colorful suitcases in various sizes. The two mothers, concerned about their daughters’ new life in the new country, spent the first days in Germany with them and thus with us – from Holalemania.

Benedetta and Carolina were planned for the hospital in Hildesheim, a small and welcoming town about thirty kilometers from Hannover. After spending the first night in Hamburg, our adventure began the next day. After changing trains a few times, we reached our destination. From there we immediately started the usual bureaucratic process, where our nurses and midwives are personally accompanied step by step by us from Holalemania.

After filling out various documents and making the last appointments, we visited the delivery room and met with the future colleagues* and the medical staff of the hospital, where we were welcomed with lively enthusiasm. Their mothers were always with us during all this, at the beginning with so many questions and doubts, which gradually passed and turned into an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding.

Especially in an uncertain time like the present one, it is even more human to ask so many questions and have even more worries than usual. However, if you are thinking about a way with us from Holalemania and would like to start your career in Germany, our team of experts will accompany you. Our goal is also your fast and uncomplicated integration in Germany – professionally and privately.

This can be confirmed by Mamma Francesca and Mamma Italia, two caring mothers from Campania who, as the photo shows, have become an integral part of the Holalemania team!

  • On 20 October 2020