Erich, an Italian nurse in Hamburg, talks about his experience

My experience with Holalemania has been overwhelmingly positive because, with their support, I have been able to achieve my dream of working abroad, and specifically in Germany. It wasn’t easy at first to acclimatise to a country with a way of life that was different from mine, where I had to speak a different language, but this agency was able to take the lead and help me find my feet in Hamburg. The people at Holalemania paid attention to my needs, supporting me both in terms of work, by finding a hospital that valued my work as a nurse and paying for a language course for me, and in terms of my personal life, by helping me to choose a home to live in and to complete the necessary documents. I advise anyone wanting to gain experience abroad to contact this agency. They provide support that is absolutely essential given the numerous integration difficulties that arise, particularly at the start. What struck me the most is that, at Holalemania, not only did I find professionals in the sector, but also real people who put their hearts into what they do and take care of those who approach them.

  • On 7 November 2018