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To work as nurse or midwife in Germany


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At Holalemania, we specialise in helping those who want to change their lives, or simply to gain work experience abroad, by finding work as a nurse or midwife in Germany.

In recent years, Germany has been seen as a kind of promised land where there is enough work for everybody. There is certainly a lot of demand for Italian nurses or midwives there, which is why working in Germany is a much easier dream to achieve today than you might think, even for those who do not speak German yet.

Our work as an intermediary consists of guiding you from the very start of this experience to full integration into your new company, thanks to a registration and assistance process that includes a number of services such as:

  • An intensive German language course in the country of origin, which will be completed once B2 level German has been achieved;
  • Help finding accommodation in Germany;
  • Approval of your science degree in nursing or midwifery;
  • Support with managing all the bureaucratic elements of relocating to Germany;

How much does a nurse earn in Germany?

For nurses in Germany, a permanent job and an excellent salary are not an unrealistic utopia given the high demand for healthcare specialists in Germany. For a nurse, the basic gross salary starts at around 2,600 euros, taking into account a series of factors such as:


In departments like the Operating Room, Intensive Care and Accident and Emergency, specific preparation is required, which will increase the nurse’s salary.

Type of organisation

The salary in public hospitals and private clinics is slightly higher compared to home-care organisations or care homes for the elderly.


Extras such as work at night and on public holidays or at weekends, as well as shift bonuses, are all possible supplements for workers.

Region of Germany

The salary also depends on the part of Germany you are working in, as some regions, such as Hamburg or Bavaria, have a higher cost of living than others.

For the nurses, finding work in Germany has never been as easy as it is today. Germany has a serious shortage of healthcare professionals, particularly when it comes to doctors and nurses.

While this situation is considered to be a limitation or even a problem for the German healthcare system, which is forced to bring in qualified personnel from southern European countries (Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy), for those professionals it is a great opportunity considering the employment situation in our country and the decidedly lower salaries compared to those in Germany.

The idea of relocating to Germany has spread noticeably among young Italians, Spanish and Portuguese in recent years and, for the reasons mentioned above, more and more of our compatriots are packing their bags to work there.

Many of the nurses who choose to take this step decide to stay and live in Germany. Others, meanwhile, benefit from their experience working abroad and then decide to come back to Italy armed with better preparation, a broader technical and cultural background and the savings they have accumulated during their time in Germany, which allow them to find a great job at home.
Our goal at Holalemania is to make all this not only possible, but also easier and more stimulating. With our network of contacts with public and private hospitals across Germany, and with our support and intermediation team, we eliminate all the problems associated with moving abroad when you don’t know the language. The only thing we need in order to help future nurses in Germany is a willingness to learn the language and rise to the challenge.

Affiliated German language schools

We consider learning the language to be fundamental to allowing our new workers to integrate fully into the fabric of German society. That is why we have established collaborations with some of the best German language schools in Italy, both on and offline. These include:

Koma Lingua

Civitanova Marche

Punto Lingue

Naples – Mergellina

Novalis Institut



Rome – Online course

DUAL – Professional Qualification

Porto Center

Susanne Burger

Online course

Universities in contact with Holalemania

Holalemania is in constant contact with numerous Italian universities specialising in medicine and nursing science degree programmes, so that we can remain continuously up-to-date on the situation of students in our country. Some of the universities with which we maintain these collaborative relationships include:

University of Padua

University of Palermo

University of Basilicata

University of Naples Federico II

University of Bologna

University of Florence