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For  nurses and midwives from abroad, finding work in Germany has never been as easy as it is today. Germany has a serious shortage of healthcare professionals, particularly when it comes to doctors and nurses.
While this situation is considered to be a limitation or even a problem for the German healthcare system, which is forced to bring in qualified personnel from other European countries (like Croatia, Romania, Greece and Lithuania), for professionals from abroad it is a great opportunity considering the employment situation in our country and the decidedly lower salaries compared to those in Germany.
The idea of relocating to Germany has spread noticeably among young foreign nurses in recent years and, for the reasons mentioned above, more and more of our compatriots are packing their bags to work there.
Many of the foreign nurses who choose to take this step decide to stay and live in Germany. Others, meanwhile, benefit from their experience working abroad and then decide to come back to their home country armed with better preparation, a broader technical and cultural background and the savings they have accumulated during their time in Germany, which allow them to find a great job at home.


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Holalemania is always at your disposal: from the initial application or school contact to acclimatisation here in Germany. We will provide you with all the assistance you need to work in Germany (recognition of your professional qualification, flat search, etc.) and will help you to become more independent over time.

How does it work?

  1. You send us your application and you will receive a confirmation as soon as possible to let you know if everything is fine or if you need to make any changes or additions. You will then be invited to an interview, either via Skype, by phone or in person depending on your needs, so that we can answer your questions and explain in full how the selection and admission process works.
  2. We will put you in contact with a hospital organisation that is interested in your profile. To do this, we will organise an acquaintanceship day in Italy or in Germany, either through a single interview or a coaching day. In either case, in order to ensure the greatest possible transparency, we on the Holalemania team will be at your side with linguistic and procedural support.
  3. As soon as an agreement has been reached between you and your future employer, an employment contract can be drawn up. It is very important to us that you receive prompt responses to any doubts and questions that arise in important situations like this.
  4. There are two different procedures, depending on whether or not you already have some knowledge of German:
    1. You already know German to B2 level and have a certificate to prove it. In this case, you can go straight to Phase 5.
    2. You have little or no knowledge of German. In this case, Holalemania will support you in finding a suitable school so that you can reach the required level within five months. The language school will normally be situated in your country and possibly even in your city. There is no need to worry about the cost of the course; it will be covered in full by your future employer.
  5. Once you have reached level B2 (or, by prior agreement, level B1), you can finally begin your adventure in Germany. At this point you will already be able to start your work experience, and meanwhile we will take care of obtaining recognition of your professional qualification.

The Holalemania team is at your side for the following needs:

  • Choosing a hospital/employer that meets your needs;
  • Choosing a German language course in your country or in Germany;
  • Organising acquaintanceship interviews and coaching on site;
  • Any support in the event of coaching and stays in Germany;
  • Help with the employment contract;
  • Assistance in preparing for your relocation to Germany;
  • Support in finding a flat that meets your needs;
  • Help in obtaining recognition of your academic qualification;
  • Assistance in relations with German bureaucracy;
  • Support with the initial tasks to be carried out in Germany (e.g. phone contract, etc.);
  • We will help you if you decide to bring your partner with you;
  • Assistance in relations with German bureaucracy;
  • Access to our manual, which contains useful information, such as a list of Italian-speaking doctors in the area, the various associations, meetings, etc.

Essentially, we are your point of contact in the event of any type of problem, from problems at work to those related to life in Germany;

In the course of the first year, we will carry out four structured interviews with you, in which we aim to see how your life in Germany is progressing, your experiences and feelings, or any problems that need to be resolved promptly;

We also organise meetings with other young people who are new to the city to exchange experiences and feelings and to contribute to the improvement of your life in Germany.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have: contact us or send us your application straight away. You do not need to make any commitment at this stage.